¡Hola! Fest Steering Committee: Applicant Form

¡Hola! Fest is so grateful that you have given serious consideration to being a part of building a diverse and inclusive table that will lead us to a Hispanic O Latin American (HOLA) experience that takes the culture of dance, food, music and life right to the front door of the City Of Youngstown! Please fill out the form found below, on this page, and we’ll follow up. Please note: not all who apply will be considered. Additional Sub-Committees are being formed and may provide further opportunity to engage.

    *Choose ALL committees you are interested in. Please note, this is ONLY an application, not a guarantee of participation.

    Main Steering Committee
    Event Parade Sub-Committee
    Event Festival Sub-Committee
    Event Food/Beverage Sub-Committee
    Event Entertainment Sub-Committee
    Event Logistics Sub-Committee

    *Choose Your Meeting Preference & Availability (in-person, virtual and hybrid):

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    Please ensure you have a general understand of standard committee participation (time commitment, procedure/process etc). Applicant agrees to abide by all CDC, State of Ohio and Local City of Youngstown Health guidelines should it be necessary to implement for meeting requirements. Please note that not all applicants who apply will be accepted. Applicants must participate, voluntarily, of their own volition and at their own expense. There is no compensation being offered for the operation of trade or business. Applicant accepts all risk associated with participation in the committee.