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¡Hola Fest! Youngstown: Festival Vendor

¡Hola Fest! Youngstown welcomes its community to contribute to and benefit from this dynamic one-day event in downtown. ¡Hola Fest! is a celebration of the areas Hispanic culture. Our purpose is both to entertain and educate. We seek to recruit representation from individuals and groups with roots in the many Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas.

Festival Vendor Info

The 2nd Annual ¡Hola Fest! Youngstown, happening Saturday, September 21, 2024 will begin with our parade. Then, booth after booth, will host amazing festival food, local artists, crafts and creative vendors. Hola Fest Youngstown searched high and low to  find the best performers to deliver an amazing day of beautiful sights, jaw-dropping  and the most joyous celebration you could imagine.

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